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AiLeeSoft Inc. has been developing an AI character ‘AiLee’ suitable for various age groups, genders and personalities through recognition of Korean style English, a friend-like AI Chatbot, hybrid speech synthesis technology and live image technology. Using ‘AiLee’, we will soon launch a leading AI English conversation platform that identifies the level of user's English proficiency levels and learns by themselves through dialogue. 


Everyone knows about the importance of learning English, but…

- Not confident about speaking in English, no matter how much time is spent on learning English.
- Not many chances to speak in English in ESL conversation classes. 
- Phone conversation sessions are available at a specific date and time. 
- Private tutoring is expensive. 
- Not many chances to meet actual English speakers and practice English.

If my girl

‘If my girl’ is a dating simulation game where a student studying abroad practices English with his girlfriend ‘AiLee’. ‘AiLee’ is a girl from Russia who has been in the United States for 2 months to learn English. The goal is to improve English skills by freely talking with ‘AiLee’ in voice chat and by making the relationship work. 

Learn with
the AI dialogue system Chatbot.

- Chatbot evolves itself through questions and answers with a user

- Korean & English speech recognition

- Conversation / context dependent speech recognition

Start a conversation according to your English proficiency level.

- Pronunciation / grammar correction

- Repetitive conversations depending on the situation

- Save your conversations

Conversations according to the maturity of your relationship and personality.

- Mission, part-time job and gift

- Compete with other users for likability 

- Various game characters for different conversations


반복적이고 소비적이고 수명이 짧은 기존 게임의 문제점을

AI도 나도 같이 Level Up 하는 게임!

게임 문제 해결

AiLeeSoft Inc. has been wisely dealing with the issues of artificial intelligence services.

Address the issues of Artificial Intelligence

AI’s issues, including one-way conversation, speech recognition failure and lack of dialogue big data are solved with the concept of dating a girl from a non-English speaking country.

Address the issues of existing English education

Easy and comfortable conversations with AI friends instead of the current English education where learners are often frustrated and bored.

Game Troubleshooting

Repeatable, consuming, and short-lived conventional games that level up the AI ​​and I like the game!



Low costs with best results.

Educational game where you can learn and enjoy at the same time. 

Customized for users depending on their level of English proficiency.

Satisfy the users even more by collecting big data with the increase of users.

Long game life cycle, compared to other games.

Service targeting global markets.

Easy to expand the service in other languages, such as Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Voice recognition suitable for Korean English speakers.



Speech recognition of Korean style English

Speech recognition of non-native English speakers often fails. But our pronunciation analysis system is customized for the Korean accent and understanding contexts.



A friend-like AI that analyzes contexts, collects vectorized data and leads conversations.


speech synthesis

Text-to-speech technology that analyzes emotional changes of characters, such as joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure and expresses them aloud with words or phrases.



Live image synthesis technology that expresses a 2D photo or illustration as if it is alive.



​대표, 총괄 개발

이 도 용

- 인하대 기계공학과

- 삼성 SDS : 인터넷 ERP 개발 컨설

- 미국 Telog

  차세대 지능망 연구원

- (주)게임엔프라이즈 : 대표이사

- (주)모닐 : 개발 이사

- 인터넷, 모바일 게임, 지능망 개발

  경력 20년

- 영어, 중국어, 일어, 독일어, 관동어,

  스페인어 가능

​기획 이사

엄 태 준

- 영국 Manchest Computing AI 석사

- (주)아리수 건설 시스템 설계 

- (주)세인 개발 기획

- 인공지능, 하드웨어, 소프트웨어 개발

   20년 경력

- 영어, 중국어 능통

개발 이사

박 지 민

- 고려대 생명공학

- eBay Korea / 모바일 기획 개발

- Ticketlink / 웹, 모바일 기획

- 새롭게모바일 / FIDO 인증 기술 개발 대표

- 소프트웨어 개발 17년 경력

영어 콘텐츠

박 민 규

- 워싱턴 위트위트대 국제경영학 석사

- 미국 시애틀 외환은행 지사

- (주)와이드스페이스

- 오성식 생활 영어 공동 MC

- 줌마영어

중국어 콘텐츠

장 은 화

- 延边工大学 전산회계

- (주)NHN

- (주)대구은행

- 중국 청도시 국제 투자설명회 동시통역

- 중국어 원어민 강사 경력 10년

- 중국어, 한국어, 영어, 일본어 가능


김 인 수

- 고려대 경영학과

- (주)잡코리아 마케팅 팀장

- (주)헤만위즈덤 벤처기업 컨설팅 대표

- (주)피아이씨커뮤니케이션 온라인

  마케팅 대표

- (주)유비커머스 프랜차이즈 컨설팅 대표

- 마케팅 경력 20년


AiLeeSoft Inc. offers a variety of services to customers in needs.

Contact us by phone, email, or go to ‘contact us page’ if you have any inquires. Thank you. 

Tel: +82-31-698-4343 | Fax: +82-50-4375-9796

B109 IT College 1342, Seongnam-daero, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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